Exciting news for 1/32 mini track racers.

Exciting news for 1/32 mini track racers.

1/32 mini track racing will never be the same again.   Enjoy total control of your racer with the new XOTIK 32 Series XC324. 

The XC324 racer comes ready to run out of the box with long list of standard features.  Starting off with the ergonomically designed XTX200 2.4GHz radio transmitter that convert your every input into precise movement on the racer, everything from proportional steering to throttle is control in real time.  Your hand moves, your racer moves.  To help improve the drive-ability of the XC324, we incorporated high tech digital features such as incremental steering trim and automatic drag braking.  These functions are easily adjusted on the XTX200 transmitter. 

The XC324 chassis also come factory prepped and race ready,  The steering on the XC324 is done by a special developed wide angle proportional steering servo with a rack and pinion tie rod system.  Powering your racer is a built in rechargeable high power LiPo battery and a powerful 3.7V 130 size motor, propelling your racer to over 640 km/h scale speed.  To balance acceleration and top speed, the XC324 comes equipped with a 4.0:1 ratio gearbox. 

Like any real racers, the XC324 not only have the speed, but also good looks thanks to a lightweight fully decorated body specially designed for racing.  Each body is distinctively designed ranging from the muscular look of the Diesel Thunder to the futuristic style of the Manga Spirit to the purposeful function of the Super Storm.  Each body is held on the chassis by a one twist cam lock mechanism.  The XC324 chassis is fully protected by front and rear roller equipped anti-collision bumpers.

Other options included in the kit is an USB charger and tuning tie rods to dial in your racer.

Get ready to experience going beyond the track today.  Please visit www.xotikmodel.com for more details and where to get yours.