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Diesel Thunder

Driven by:  Motor Mikey

Color:  Gun Metal

Manga Spirit

Driven by:  Charging Charlie

Color:  Dream White

Super Storm

Driven by:  Turbo Timmy

Color:  Blue Metallic

Complete Kit Includes

XC324 Features

Ergonomic Drop Wheel Design

Both your steering hand and throttle hand are placed on the same plane for a super comfortable feel.  Happy driver = winning driver.

Adjustable Digital Steering Trim

Adjustable digital front wheel alignment to keep your racer tracking straight to the winner's circle.

Proportional Throttle With Adjustable Drag Brake

A fully proportional throttle allows your racer to follow every movement of your trigger finger, in forward and reverse giving you full control. Adjustable 10% to 50% Drag Brake (Automatic Braking) decelerates your racer giving you the precision needed to take hairpin turns with ease.

XSX100 Proportional Wide Angle Steering Servo

A stand alone specially developed proportional wide angle steering servo lets you precisely control the direction of your racer to maintain your perfect racing line lap after lap.

130 Size 3.7V Motor

Your racer is powered by an engineer-tuned 3.7V 130 size motor perfectly balanced between acceleration and top speed to keep your racer on pace.

Rechargeable LiPo Battery

Rechargeable 3.7V 300mah LiPo battery lets you race again and again, just recharge with the included USB charger to ensure the race never ends.

Roller Guided Anti-Collision Bumper

Special rollers on the front and rear bumpers of the XC324 divert impact so you can continue on your path to the finish line.

Cam Lock Body Mount

Need a pit stop? Your racer's body can be removed if you need to change the look or make other adjustments.

Product Specifications

XTX200 Transmitter:
Channels: 2
Frequencies: 2.405 – 2.475GHz
Modulation: FHSS spread spectrum
Input Power: 2.20 – 3.0V DC
Output Power: <0.1W
Power On Indicator: LED

XC324 Chassis:
Dimensions: (L) 156 x (W) 97 x (H) 30mm
Weight: 88g
Input Power: 2.9 – 4.2V DC
Motor: 130 Size
Gear Ratio: 4.0:1
Power On Indicator: LED

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