XOTIK partner with RC Vision in London on STEM

XOTIK partner with RC Vision in London on STEM

We are honored for the opportunity to partner with British social venture RC Vision to increase engagement of science and engineering for children. Our introduction event was at the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London, where RC Vision used the XOTIK XC324 RTR to teach STEM to children continuing their education while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

From the founder of RC Vision Mr. Andy Hyde:

“The potential for radio control cars to promote science and engineering in schools is huge - it is such a powerful learning opportunity and so much fun! RC Vision is delighted to be collaborating with XOTIK to explore this opportunity. The 1:32 scale cars are perfect for young children to use and discover the joy of radio control cars.”

RC Vision have done many great things, they not only promote the RC industry but also using RC cars as a tool to increase awareness of STEM education and diversity in motorsports. We look forward to working with RC Vision again in the very near future. Please share their good cause to all your friends in the RC community, check them out at: